With having Luxury Royal Emperor we provide the highest quality featured with limitless specifications for your guest to the hospitality industry worldwide. Our mission is to deliver & to add a royal treat to your guest experience.


About Us

ISUKOSHI Middle East is a global well-known brand in healthy products. Isukoshi brand name is synonym to reliability,durability,high quality,high technology and devotion towards people safety. Isukoshi has always set the standards higher in its own field. Iukoshi is proud to introduce a totally new approach to the Luxury Hotels. A proposal offering exclusive ROYAL EMPEROR chairs to prestigious Hotel Suites to upgrade the living style of the Guest. This would be the first as said where an experience for both the Conventional and modern way of achieving great health.

Offer your guests first-class therapy with one joint solution combining health care and entertainment. As innovation is our guiding principle, we have our own health care experts who are responsible for developing all our solutions for both healthcare operations and the royal hospitality industry. Our product portfolio has been developed and used in various healthcare facilities for a long period of time.

Our popular Royal massage chair series for your guest has been expanded to various models. All chairs are manufactured with cutting edge 3D technology which are enriched with eco-friendly. The Royal Emperor is a complete series of guest amenities that contains everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Offer your guests first-class therapy with one joint solution combining health care and entertainment.


Though the concept of health oriented chairs with our high technology and more satisfaction rate is relatively new but its exciting and widely accepted. If you also want to join our band wagon by introducing Royal Emperor to your royal guests we would appreciate your call or EMAIL US.

Specially-designed Guest Amenities

Your respected guests deserves a first class seat provide relaxation for your quests and a revenue stream for your property.

Massage chairs concession turns under- utilized areas in to revenue generating space and performs well in small and large retail properties alike.

Royal Treat

As we know thousands of tourist flock to Dubai every day - they travel here for business, vacation, shopping and exploring our wonderful city. We know two things walking long day stress can take a toll on your health and massage relieves stress.

Specially developed solutions

Specially-designed royal massage treat give your hotels its own series of products that help create a personal touch and that become part of the hotel’s marketing and profiling efforts. We can provide you with cost-free sketches to help you choose your realibility and also the scent of your standered.